The 101th Reason I Love this Product: Use the Tidy Table Tray to help your kids have a healthy, non-toxic, and stimulating mealtime:

1. The Tidy Table Tray can be a non-toxic way to contain your child’s food. I am concerned about my child ingesting plastics when she eats hot food in a plastic bowl (heat can leach out the plastic). I don’t like the idea of adding unnatural estrogen to her diet. I now use thick glass or ceramic bowls and the Tidy Table Tray keeps bowls and plates from accidentally getting knocked off the table (unless you have a child that likes to throw dishes). The cup holder also keeps my daughters child ceramic drinking mugs and cups contained.

2. Encourage healthy teeth and gums by switching from sippy cups to small drinking glasses and/or ceramic mugs earlier. “Sippy cups were created to help children transition from a bottle to drinking from a regular cup, but they’re too often used for convenience,” says American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) President Philip H. Hunke, D.D.S., M.S.D. Sippy cups are linked to tooth decay in young children, and also prevent that great hand eye coordination that drinking from a cup provides. Of course, my daughter still spills her water sometimes, but she’s practicing her coordination, and everything stays contained in her Tidy Table Tray, so it’s worth the spill!

3. Make mealtimes enriching and stimulating by bringing your child to the family table. Two makes company, and company is stimulating… so even if it’s just you and your little one, or two of your children eating together, let meal-time be shared time!

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